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Mahmood part of "Climate Across America" series

Juvenile pallid sturgeon Nebraska Public Media is telling the story of the struggle to protect pallid sturgeons, as part of a national “Climate Across America” initiative that pairs public media stations with the PBS science series “NOVA” to distribute climate-focused content. Rezaul Mahmood, climatologist, contributes. Continue reading…

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Protection of America: Surprising Role of Plant Ecophysiologist

NSRI Fellow Dr. Tala Awada, physiological plant ecologist with the School of Natural Resources and associate dean in the Agricultural Research Division at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Institute of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesDefense of the United States is an undertaking that requires the help of experts from a wide array of obviously related disciplines — physics, engineering, computer science, political science and more. One discipline that might not immediately come to mind is plant ecophysiology. Continue reading…

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