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Juvenile pallid sturgeon
Juvenile pallid sturgeon

For thousands of years, pallid sturgeon have thrived in the murky waters of the Missouri River, but infrastructure built 70 years ago for flood control and river navigation are endangering the survival of this ancient fish.

Nebraska Public Media is telling the story of the struggle to protect pallid sturgeons, as well as manage Missouri River flooding, as part of a national “Climate Across America” initiative that pairs public media stations with the award-winning PBS science series “NOVA” to produce and distribute climate-focused content.

The digital story about the pallid sturgeon, “Pallid Sturgeon: Ancient Fish, Modern Problem,” is available on the Nebraska Public Media website and its social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Rezaul Mahmood, climatologist and Director of the High Plains Regional Climate Center, is featured in the digital story.

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