SNR in the News - Summer 2023

SNR in the News
SNR in the News

Know Your Well developing new App for data collection.

“Access to quality water is critical for ranches and feed yards. Testing well water not only clues ranchers into potential problems with their water, but it can also indicate whether it is safe for people in their community to consume as well. Know Your Well is a program used to test well water across Nebraska at no cost to the community, while teaching local high school students valuable skills…The third phase includes additional science communication and educational resources for the program, as well as, a partnership with the UNL’s School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) to develop a new mobile app called a progressive web application (PWA) that improves data collection for students and teachers."
Nebraska Cattleman, June/July 2023 (pp. 20-24)

Dr. Martha Rhoades Partners with Dr. Eric Peeples at UNMC in Mentorship for New Researchers.

Current pediatric resident, Katie Kim, DO, came into her work with Dr. Peeples with an interest in understanding more about birth defects. Having minimal previous research experience in studying birth defects, Dr. Peeples reached out to a colleague with that area of expertise at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Martha Rhoades, PhD, research manager, School of Natural Resources. Guidance from Drs. Rhoades and Peeples enabled Dr. Kim to develop a project that matched her interests.
Child Health Research Institute Research Bulletin, June 2023

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