RED Talk features Homegrown presentations

RED Talk Flyer
RED Talk Flyer

The Spring Research, Exploration, and Discovery (RED) Talk on Thursday, Feb. 16 will showcase five undergraduate students presenting their research and creative projects that impact Nebraska. Following the theme "Homegrown," topics range from developing a digital archive to harnessing solar energy.

Join us in the Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16 to learn more about research that affects our campus, city and state. Refreshments and Q&A will follow the talks, and networking and continued conversations are encouraged.

Cat Berrick, senior in fisheries & wildlife and Spanish, will present on navigating private and public land use in field research in Nebraska.

Bridget Bickner, junior in biological sciences, will share the extreme and unusual mating practices of Nursery Web spiders in Nebraska parks.

Joe Hams, senior in psychology and Spanish, will provide insights into our perceptions on child labor based on race and age.

Spencer Prockish, senior in physics and mathematics, will discuss research on materials that make solar energy more lucrative.

Rosamond Thalken, senior in film studies and English, will present on the development of the George Eliot Digital Archive.

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