Korus, coauthors recognized for scientific innovation in geological research

A paper published by Jesse Korus, groundwater hydrologist with the Conservation and Survey Division at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and his coauthors has garnered a prestigious Editor’s Pick from the editors of Sedimentology, a high-impact-factor, peer-reviewed journal of the International Association of Sedimentologists. Only 10 articles published in the journal during 2017 were chosen for the honor.

The Editor’s Picks were announced at the 20th International Sedimentological Congress, hosted Aug. 12 to 17 in Quebéc, Canada.

Dana Divine and Matt Joeckel, also of the CSD, a part of the School of Natural Resources, and Jared Abraham of Aqua Geo Frameworks LLC, a private company specializing in groundwater mapping, were coauthors on the paper. “Three‐dimensional architecture and hydrostratigraphy of cross‐cutting buried valleys using airborne electromagnetics, glaciated Central Lowlands, Nebraska, USA” was published in 2017 in the journal.

The paper reports on the discovery of a complex network of intersecting buried valleys in the subsurface of southeastern Nebraska. The buried valleys were discovered through the analysis of airborne electromagnetics data, and they were modeled using advanced three-dimensional techniques.

Korus and Joeckel were attending the ISC meeting in Québec when the Editor’s Picks were announced.

“It came as a huge surprise to both of us,” Korus said, “we only heard it secondhand from a colleague during a coffee break, about an hour or two after it was announced.”

“The paper proves that CSD is doing great things in cooperation with the environmental consulting industry,” he added.

Sedimentology publishes research on topics related to sedimentology, sedimentary geology and sedimentary geochemistry. It is currently distributed to more than 3,500 universities and research laboratories worldwide. Access the Editors’ Picks for 2017 here.

Courtesy of the Conservation and Survey Division