Welcome back issued as campus prepares for spring semester

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Whether you went to the Holiday Bowl or somewhere else, or stayed home to enjoy winter in Nebraska, welcome back from what I hope was a good break. Although this weather doesn't feel like "spring" semester, here we are, ready, or nearly ready, to greet returning and new students next week.

My wishes for the coming semester are these: That each of us do all we can to support the best possible student experiences and to keep students in school through graduation, and that each of us do all we can to support our continued growth in research and to demonstrate this university's critical role in creating the best economic outcomes for the state.

No doubt we will face challenges. Despite reports of the state's fiscal situation, we will continue to plan ahead in order to carry on our momentum.

Thanks for all you do for this university. I look forward to working with each of you in the coming year as we continue to move ahead as individuals and as a university.

- Harvey Perlman, Chancellor