'Blended and Flipped' classroom discussion is Oct. 19

The Office of Online and Distance Education is hosting the first "Blended and Flipped Classroom Panel Discussion" at 10 a.m. Oct. 19 in the Nebraska Union. The discussion is free and open to all. Register by today at http://online.unl.edu/blended.

Panel speakers include John Geppart, College of Business Administration; Jane Hanson, College of Arts and Sciences; and Cody Hollist, College of Education and Human Sciences. They will discuss effective teaching practices, implications for learning, how best to support blended learning at UNL and more.

Faculty and staff who are already using these approaches, those just starting to integrate them or those who have never heard of “blended” and “flipped” are encouraged to attend.

Blended and flipped teaching styles integrate technology for the benefit of the students, instructors and campus. Through blended courses, students complete class online and face-to-face, allowing instructors to maximize the benefits of both formats. For example, students may meet every other week while using the intermediary week for in-depth online discussions.

In contrast, flipped courses do not reduce seat time. Instead, this format allows instructors to replace the knowledge transfer typically done with lectures with readings, online presentations or videos. This frees up class time, so it can be used for active learning sessions that may include working examples.