Big Ten universities shine spotlight on UNL



I wanted to call your attention to the welcome we are getting around the Big Ten.

Last week, the University of Wisconsin-Madison ran an item about UNL in its electronic newsletter to faculty and staff. You can read that message at

This week, in Ohio State University's internal newsletter "OSU Today," two stories about UNL were featured. Both stories focused on the history of UNL — the first, published Oct. 4, explored UNL athletic team nicknames; the second, published Oct. 6, examined our recent growth in enrollment and research funding. Text from both of those stories is below.

This weekend we will play host to several colleagues, guests and fans when Ohio State University visits for UNL's first home game in the Big Ten Conference. I know we will, true to our culture, reciprocate good will to the visiting fans.

Go Big Red,

Harvey Perlman,


OSU Today | Published Oct, 4, 2011

Nebraska in the Big Ten: Did you know…

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is now a part of the Big Ten and the Buckeyes invade Lincoln on Saturday (10/8) to play the Cornhuskers. It's Brutus Buckeye vs. Herbie Husker. The nickname "Cornhuskers" was first applied to Nebraska athletic teams at the turn of the century. Prior to that, Nebraska sports teams were called "The Bugeaters," "Tree Planters," "Nebraskans," "Rattlesnake Boys," "Antelopes" and "Old Gold Knights." To learn more about the newest member of the Big Ten Conference visit

See the entire Oct. 4 OSU Today enewsletter at


OSU Today | Published Oct. 6, 2011

Nebraska in the Big Ten: Powerhouse in research, too

Like many other Big Ten universities, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a land-grant institution and also a major research university. Nebraska ranks high in growth in both enrollment and research funding. In the last five years, enrollment has grown 13.5 percent — a figure that ranks near the top among Big Ten institutions. From 1999-2008, research funding at UNL increased by 121 percent — second only to Ohio State. To learn more about the newest member of the Big Ten Conference visit

See the entire Oct. 6 OSU Today enewsletter at