'Inni,' 'Take Shelter' open today at the Ross

Michael Shannon in "Take Shelter."
Michael Shannon in "Take Shelter."

The Sigur Rós concert film "Inni" and the critically acclaimed drama "Take Shelter" open today at the Ross. "Take Shelter," which stars Michael Shannon, shows through Nov. 25. "Inni" is featured through Nov. 17.

In "Take Shelter," Curtis LaForche (played by Michael Shannon) lives in a small Ohio town with his wife Samantha (Jessica Chastain) and 6-year-old daughter Hannah, who is deaf. Money is tight, and navigating Hannah's health care and special education is a constant struggle. Curtis and Samantha are very much in love and their family is a happy one.

However, Curtis begins having terrifying dreams about an encroaching, apocalyptic storm. He chooses to keep the disturbance to himself, channeling his anxiety into the obsessive building of a storm shelter in their backyard. The project results in strain on Curtis' marriage and tension within the community.

Curtis eventually confides in Samantha, testing the power of their bond against the highest possible stakes.

"Inni" is the band Sigur Rós's second live film and follows the 2007 production "Heima." Whereas "Heima" positioned the enigmatic group in the context of their Icelandic homeland, providing geographical, social and historical perspectives on their otherworldly music, "Inni" focuses purely on the band's performance.

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