New Report for Evaluating Web Audit Priority

Screen shot of Group Metric History section
Screen shot of Group Metric History section

Having high quality websites, with strong brand consistency, accessibility and validity is important to UNL. Combining data from Google Analytics and our UNL Web Audit we have compiled a weighted list of prioritized UNL sites. With this tool we can gain an understanding of what are the more popular sites that have potential quality issues that need to be addressed.

When the WDN Shared Governance Board resumes site audits this summer, we'll be guided by this report; it multiplies an inverted Web Audit score (where a Web Audit site score of, for instance, 23 is converted to 77) by the total number of page views in the past 365 days. This simple calculation yields a "PScore," which allows us to sort for prioritization of large/busy sites with significant quality issues. The PDF consists of a table is sorted by the highest PScore, which is how high of a priority this site is to address. If you find that your site has a high PScore, we urge you to work with information provided by UNL Web Audit to address issues.

If you find that your site is not on this list then please register your site. If you feel your Web Audit score is in error, please rerun the Web Audit. If after running the tool you have any questions then please check out our channel on Slack with questions.

The PDF will be updated the Monday before the monthly WDN meeting (second Tuesday of the month), and made available via a link in the meeting notes.

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