Alumni Exhibition concludes with a reception

Phil Perry, “Shrouded Tetons,” archival pigment print, 2014.
Phil Perry, “Shrouded Tetons,” archival pigment print, 2014.

The "UNL Alumni Artists 1970-1973" exhibition in the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery this summer concludes with a closing reception on Aug. 7 from 5-7 p.m. in the gallery.

Forty-three alumni from the Department of Art and Art History are showing their work in the exhibit. Visitors can stop by Rm. 120 of Richards Hall Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for access to the gallery.

The Department of Art and Art History solicited alumni who graduated from UNL between 1970-1973 to send artwork for the exhibition. The exhibition will be repeated in future years with different graduation dates included. Last summer’s exhibition covered the years 1945-1969.

The participating alumni include: Anna (Tilts) Anderson (B.A. 1971), Karen Blessen (B.F.A. 1973), Rod Bouc (B.F.A. in Education 1973), Tom Bouse (B.F.A. in Education 1971), Susan Brasch (B.F.A. in Education 1972), Mary Bruns (B.F.A. in Education 1971), Jim Butler (M.F.A. 1970), Mary Butler (B.F.A. in Education 1972), Mary Chaney (B.F.A. 1972), Jan Christensen (B.F.A. 1971), Margaret (Peg) Conway (B.F.A. in Education 1971), Bob Culver (B.F.A. 1973), Lynn Dance (B.F.A. in Education 1972), Barbara Durham (B.F.A. in Education 1973), Susan Eckenwalder, M.F.A. 1971), Ben Gibson (M.F.A. 1973), Marcia Goldenstein (B.F.A. 1970, M.F.A. 1973), Gretchen Hancock (B.F.A. 1972), Lawrence Hernandez (B.S. 1972), Chad Keel (B.F.A. 1970, M.B.A. 1974), Bernie McNally (B.F.A. 1971), Ron Milhoan B.F.A. in Education 1973), Ron Nordyke (B.F.A. 1971), Phil Perry (M.A. and B.S.), Gretchen Peters (B.F.A. in Education 1971), Martha Pettigrew (Haack) (B.F.A. 1972), Sheryl Piere (B.F.A. in Education 1973), Max Reis (B.F.A. in Education 1973), Tex Richters (B.F.A. 1973), Tom Riesing (B.F.A. 1971, M.F.A. 1973), Steve Ryan (B.F.A. 1973), Dee Schaad (M.F.A. 1973), Patricia Schulz (B.F.A. in Education 1972), Melanie Schwartz (B.F.A. 1972), Jody Shields (B.F.A.), Linda Stych (B.S. 1970), Mary Tanner (B.A. 1972), Nancy Teague (B.F.A. in Education, 1971), Shelley Thornton (B.F.A. 1973), Jan Weishaar (B.F.A. in Education 1973), Lynn Wilson (B.S. 1970), Steve Yates (B.F.A. 1972) and Dave Young (B.F.A. 1971).

Admission to the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery is free and open to the public. Richards Hall is located at Stadium Drive and T sts. on the UNL city campus.

For more information, contact the Department of Art and Art History at (402) 472-5522.