Study abroad in Jordan this summer

Study abroad in Jordan this summer!
Study abroad in Jordan this summer!

Study abroad in Amman, Jordan this summer!

This faculty-led education abroad program offers an in-depth study of dynamic programming, culminating in a programming contest. Students will also:
• Collaborate with peers from Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) in Jordan through shadowing and in-class interaction.
• Study abroad in a vibrant modern culture that still maintains ties to its ancient history.
• Learn leadership theories, models and behaviors in an international setting.
• Participate in local and regional excursions to sites such as the Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Roman Theatre.
• In addition to learning about dynamic programming, learn about topics speicific to Jordan and the Middle East, including: the Jordan economy and the role of Information technology, the modern history of Jordan, the religion of Islam, and techniques behind designing mosaics.
• The technical and cultural visits and the interaction with Jordanian students will also contribute to the students’ complete engineer competency development and preparation to join the global computer and engineering industries.

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