Apply for internships with Ivy


Ivy, a machine-learning start-up, is hiring research engineer interns to join the team in 2022.

Ivy is on a mission to unify all Machine Learning (ML) frameworks, making ML code cleaner, more flexible, and fully reusable. All Ivy functions can be executed using TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, JAX and NumPy, without any change to the code!

Ivy is in talks with developers from Facebook, Nvidia,The Allen Institute for AI, and other top software companies who would like to use Ivy in their popular open-source projects, to instantly support all frameworks. A few examples are: Kornia, PyG, BoTorch, and Tonic.

Research Engineer
Ivy is currently looking for talented developers to join its team remotely for 3-6 months with flexible start dates from Mar-Sep 2022, to extend Ivy’s codebase as we expand into the PyTorch Ecosystem and beyond! The monthly salary will be $2500-4000 depending on experience.

During the project, your task would be to develop software tools to:
● Work alongside these partners, helping to add Ivy to their popular open-source libraries
● Support ongoing ML research, with potential involvement in top-tier published research
● Improve the Ivy libraries for: 3D vision, robotics, reinforcement learning and transformers

Requirements for applicants:
● Strong coding skills in Python, with expertise in one of: PyTorch, Tensorflow, JAX, MXNet
● Very strong skills in recursive programming. Check out Ivy Container and Graph classes
● A passion for Machine Learning research, and for our vision to unify the ML frameworks!

For the first phase of application, please apply through LinkedIn here.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, then please send your CV to: