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Insight Data Science

Insight Data Science is launching the Insight Health Data Science Fellows Program, focused on data science in healthcare and the life sciences.

The inaugural session will be based in Boston, starting on July 6.

There is an unprecedented amount of data across the health and life sciences sector: genome sequences, drug screens, clinical trial data, electronic medical records, claims data, longitudinal studies, and even quantified-self data. The health industry is just getting started with data science -- this is a great opportunity for Health Data Science Fellows who participate in this program to make a very big impact in this nascent field.

Insight is a free 7-week full-time postdoctoral data science training fellowship, with dedicated office space and self-directed, project-based learning under the guidance of industry leaders. Data Scientists from the Broad Institute, Optum Labs, Novartis, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Biogen Idec will be working with Fellows and hiring from the program.

Successful Fellows will have MDs or PhDs in fields such as computat ional biology, bioinformatics, genomics, physics, math, engineering, or other quantitative fields. We're looking for Fellows who have experience working with data in their research and a passion for solving problems in the healthcare industry.

As an Insight Fellow, you will join a network of over 200 data science and engineering alumni working on the east and west coasts, many of whom are now leading data teams. The Insight Health Data Science Fellows will be future leaders in health data.

Applications for the Insight Health Data Science Program in Boston are due May 6.

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