SpecSoft, Inc. Internship Program


SpecSoft is seeking 1-2 college students pursuing a degree in computer science, MIS, computer graphics, graphic design, web design, communications or related field.

Key responsibilities:​ based upon your skills and experience; design, implementation, analysis, and join the team in celebrating the success of marketing campaigns.

1. Take charge of digital media campaigns to achieve outlined company expectations
2. Assist with the design, analysis, and implementation of marketing campaigns.
3. Assist with SpecSoft’s representation at all referral and networking events
4. Assist with educational training events, or business opportunities demonstrating the
unique and valuable features of the SpecSoft business management platform
5. Assist with appointments and contacting prospective clients to establish presentation
6. Assist with identification of necessary enhancements to software to maintain high
return on investment for the client(s)
Wage & Assignment:​ Hourly, hours of availability worked around your schedule

● Good/strong knowledge of HTML, CSS and the fundamentals of web design
● Knowledge of PHP preferred
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite is required
● Excellent communication and strong written skills
● A broad­based understanding of and familiarity with popular and emerging social
media platforms
● Passion for learning, developing and adapting to new technologies
● High attention to detail and accuracy; strong organizational skills
● Ability to work closely on a daily basis with internal and outside professionals on a
project team.
● Internship opportunities based in Lincoln, Neb.

For more information email eric.specsoft@gmail.com.