Math Day announces scholarship winners

Math Day announced its 2021-22 scholarship recipients on Saturday, April 2. Fifty students from across the state, including 12 from Scottsbluff, nine from Millard North, and six from Lincoln East, were invited to come to campus and take the PROBE II exam. The top 10 scorers were awarded four-year scholarships to UNL. The award for 1st place is $8,000; for 2nd-5th is $4,000; and for 6th-10th is $2,000 (the amount given is the four-year total). As follows are the results:

1. Shiv Lele, Millard North High School, 11th grade
2. Jerry Sun, Millard North High School, 10th grade
3. Calum Heldt, Scottsbluff Senior High School, 11th grade
4. Eshaan Giri, Millard North High School, 11th grade
5. Viet Lai, Scott Middle School, Lincoln, 7th grade
6. Mikil Foss, Lincoln High School, 12th grade
7. John Mentgen, Scottsbluff Senior High School, 12th grade
8 (tie). Jalan Zhu, Millard North High School, 12th grade
8 (tie). Ha Quach, Scott Middle School, Lincoln, 8th grade
10. Richard Xu, Millard North High School, 12th grade

Congratulations to these students and all of the PROBE II qualifiers! After the exam, the students and their parents/guardians went on a campus tour with UNL student ambassadors, visiting the Honors Program and Raikes School; heard presentations from Nicholas Gordon, recruitment director for the College of Arts from Sciences and CAS students and math majors; and enjoyed a presentation on knot theory by Associate Professor Alex Zupan in the Department of Mathematics.