Dinner and a Math Problem to become 'Greater Nebraska Math Teachers' Circle'

Dinner and a Math Problem met in Scottsbluff on Dec. 3.
Dinner and a Math Problem met in Scottsbluff on Dec. 3.

Dinner and a Math Problem (DMP) organizers received funding from the National Science Foundation through the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute to coordinate all of the events taking place across Nebraska into a single organization titled the Greater Nebraska Math Teachers’ Circle.

The move allows us to join with other Circles in organizations such as the National Association of Math Circles, an organization designed to provide a support structure for Math Circles and similar programs. As part of this support, Circle organizers will have access to a database of existing programs, of other organizers, of potential Math Circle speakers, and a coherent set of links to other resources.

Mathematical Circles are a form of education enrichment and outreach that bring mathematicians and teacher together in an informal setting to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics with the goal of getting students excited about mathematics. Indeed Dinner and a Math Problem events were also designed for this purpose, but where Math Teachers’ Circles convene in a single location on an ongoing, regular basis, DMP events met in several Nebraska locations, with meetings typically occurring no more than once per semester.

The Greater Nebraska Math Teachers’ Circle will be unique in its composition in that meetings will continue to convene in several Nebraska locations allowing meeting approximately once per semester. This will allow us to continue providing teachers from small communities the opportunity to “do mathematics” and network with colleagues. Becoming an official “Circle” connects our efforts with the larger organization of Math Teachers’ Circles which has spread across the nation.

So – if you’ve had the privilege of enjoying mathematics and a meal with fellow teachers at a Dinner and a Math Problem event in the past, rest assured that these opportunities will continue. Just watch for them under the new title of the Greater Nebraska Math Teachers’ Circle.