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River Run

There are four people who want to cross a river. The only way to get across is by a boat that can fit a maximum of two people at a time. They begin on the same side of the river and have altogether 17 minutes to get to the other side. Each person rows at a different speed, and if two people are in the boat together they have to row at the rate of the slower person. How do they all get across?

Abby: 1 minute to cross
Bernard: 2 minutes to cross
Carly: 5 minutes to cross
Daniel: 10 minutes to cross

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River Run Answer
They go across in this order:
Abby and Bernard cross together --------------- 2 minutes
Abby comes back (Bernard stays)--------------- 1 minute
Carly and Daniel cross together ----------------- 10 minutes
Bernard comes back (Carly and Daniel stay)--- 2 minutes
Abby and Bernard cross together ---------------- 2 minutes