YouCubed online course for teachers and parents

By Jo Boaler

I have several exciting announcements to share with you about my online course, “How to Learn Math: for Teachers and Parents": First, the course end date has been extended to September 30, 2017 and I expect it will remain open even longer. So you can register anytime and enjoy uninterrupted access to the course until at least that date (if you are currently registered, the new end date automatically applies to you).

Also, updated content is on the way — I am filming a 2016 version of the course that will be released on June 7! Summer is one of the most popular times for teachers to take the course, and now you have one more reason to try it during the school break. If you are currently taking the course, the videos that you see will be automatically updated on the release date — there is no need to re-enroll to get the new version. And if you register for the course between now and June 7, you will have access to the current version immediately, then you will automatically received the updated version when it is released!

I have also created a new study guide for the course, which is available now on the course website under “Course Updates & News” and “Course Handouts.” The guide was developed in response to requests from the many groups of teachers that are now taking the course together. It is designed to help teams of colleagues build a shared understanding of the messages, research and practical ideas in each session. The study guide includes many activities, all organized so that teams can make sense of the big ideas in the session, reflect on their understanding, and plan to use the new information in the classroom.

If you have been considering taking the course but have not yet taken the plunge, now is the time to sign up! You can register now and take the course at your convenience, including this summer with the release of the 2016 version. And, if you assemble a group of five or more participants to take the course together, you can receive a discount on tuition— email Suzanne Corkins at to find out more.