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Math 804T
Math 804T

Summer 2016 is a great time to join with other Nebraska teachers and take a math or pedagogy course offered by the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes. It is possible to receive a $300 NMSSI Fellowship that is applied directly to the cost of tuition, but the funding is limited. Find a course, register and apply for a fellowship now: All current Nebraska mathematics and science teachers also automatically qualify for a 20 percent reduction in the cost of tuition for courses not online.

Visit our website for the NMSSI course catalog. Brand-new courses this year are:

*TEAC 880P: Instructional Technology in K-8 Math Classrooms
*MATH 896: Linear Algebra for Teachers
*TEAC 808E: Improvement of Instruction in Mathematics
*BIOS 897: Ecology and Evolution of Arachnids for K-12 Educators
*TEAC 924A: Enriching Elementary Science Practices

To register for this class or other NMSSI courses, if you have not taken a graduate course at UNL in the past year, you need to enroll via Teach Nebraska through a very quick, simple application: http:/// . Completing this application and the NMSSI Fellowship application are all you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have taken a course recently at UNL, you can enroll in MyRED.

The Benefits of the NMSSI:

* Nebraska teachers automatically qualify for a 20 percent discount on in-state tuition at UNL for courses not online
* Teachers can also apply for an additional $300 tuition fellowship from the NMSSI:
* All in-person NMSSI courses also include a free lunch on each day of class
* The $50 UNL Graduate Studies admission fee is waived for current Nebraska teachers through Teach Nebraska
* Each course is worth 3 graduate credit hours at UNL
* Register in one simple application through Teach Nebraska: http:///
Enroll now to secure your spot in class and apply for a $300 NMSSI Fellowship before the funds run out!

Email Lindsay Augustyn at with any questions.

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