Babies 2011
Babies 2011

Here is a list of some of the babies born to NebraskaMATH and Math in the Middle teachers and a UNL mathematics graduate student in 2011:

Braden James Wilson was born Saturday, March 24, 2011, to Brandee Wilson, a teacher in Cohort 4 of Math in the Middle.

Isaiah Paul Solomon was born on Thursday, April 5, 2011, to Amy Solomon, a teacher in Cohort 4 of Math in the Middle. Pictured is the Solomon family: Jacob (9 yrs), Amy holding Isaiah (5 months), Joe holding Andrew (2 1/2 yrs), and Zachary (7 yrs).

Olivia Vifquain was born Friday, June 17, 2011, to Gina Vifquain, a teacher in Nebraska Algebra 2011, and her husband.

Lyla Kohlhaas was born Wednesday, July 6, 2011, to Brian Kohlhaas, an OPS Math in the Middle teacher, and his wife.

Lydia Jane Clark was born Monday, October 24, 2011, to proud parents Tom and Ruth. Tom is a UNL math graduate student who helped instruct the New Teacher Network courses in Summer 2011. Lydia was 8 lbs, 7 oz and 21 3/4 inches long.

We invite other NebraskaMATH, Math in the Middle, and NebraskaNOYCE teachers whose family has welcomed a new baby during 2011 to send us information (and
a picture) telling us about their good news.