Teacher Spotlight: Jill Edgren

Jill Edgren
Jill Edgren

Noyce Master Teaching Fellow and Math in the Middle teacher Jill Edgren served as president of the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics in 2011. Jill reflects with us upon her year as president.

Grade/Position: 9-12 Mathematics

School: Wood River Jr/Sr High School

Years Teaching: Nine

Program: Noyce Master Teaching Fellowship

What have you learned in your role as president? "I have learned parliamentary procedure - better. I have learned many details and behind the scenes logistics for holding and hosting events. I admire others on the board with their history and perspective as well as the new ideas that surface regularly as we join together in efforts to improve the organization and intend to support other Nebraska teachers."

What have been some of your achievements while you have been president? "I encouraged regions to hold a meeting in their area that would build off NCTM workshops and be similar to Dinner and a Math Problem events, and while they have expressed interest, it has not yet worked out time-wise. We are also very close to increasing and improving electronic communications and options so stay tuned."

How has your Noyce MTF experience been so far? "Humbling, inspiring and overwhelming. I cannot believe the caliber of people in the program with me and find so many wonderful ideas naturally shared through informal conversations. Any program can be overwhelming as we desire to excel in several areas of life simultaneously. I look forward to learning more and being able to reciprocate my district and others across the state in the future."

Do you remember your favorite teacher? "My favorite teacher was Mrs. Jessica Thompson. She was my math teacher for grades 7-11. Her level of energy was inspiring, and her laugh always results in me smiling. I would not be where I am today had she not recommended me for All Girls / All Math and the slew of opportunities that have fallen like dominos since then."

What is your favorite thing about teaching? "The interactions with other people. Also, students with their curiosity and moments of awe or revealing math where they don't expect to find it or genuine connections. I also enjoy the other teachers as we problem-solve educational trials together."

What’s on your iPod? "Whatever my husband downloaded when he gave me the MP3 player so mostly Christian and Country."

What’s your favorite TV show? "Since NUMB3RS was canceled, now I enjoy the NCIS shows. Currently the Los Angeles one has the edge."

What is your favorite thing about Nebraska? "The people. I enjoy knowing many people and growing up in a small town where I greet those I know even if they may no longer know me. People genuinely care and want to help one another whenever they can."

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