Policy Change: Half-Time and Three-Quarter Status Credits Have Changed

A change has been made to the definition of enrollment status for graduate students to comply with the Higher Education Act and Federal Student Aid regulations. The Graduate College and each campus have been working together to ensure detailed communication reaches you. Changes will be in effect beginning Fall 2023. Full-time certification is not impacted by these changes.

Graduate Enrollment Status Changes
• Half-time status has been changed from 4 credit hours to 5 credit hours, per term.
• Three-quarter status has been changed from 6 credit hours to 7 credit hours, per term.
• Full-time status has not changed and remains at 9 credit hours, per term.

This change may impact students who normally only enroll in 4 credit hours and
• borrow student loans,
• have student loans in deferment status, or
• require half-time enrollment for any other purpose, such as insurance eligibility, fellowship eligibility, etc.

More details at: https://graduate.unl.edu/