Welcome Edith Reza-Martinez!

headshot photo of Ms. Reza-Martinez
headshot photo of Ms. Reza-Martinez

Welcome Assistant Director Edith Reza-Martinez!

OGS is pleased to welcome Edith Reza Martinez, M.S. as the new Assistant Director of Graduate Education Engagement. She will be leading efforts to increase awareness of the resources departments have available to them through OGS as well as cultivating relationships with the graduate chairs and their support staff in order to understand and better meet their unique needs across campus. She will also be active assisting in recruitment and enrollment initiatives.

Prior to transitioning to OGS, Mrs. Reza-Martinez worked for three years in UNL’s Educational Psychology department as a graduate coordinator. In that position, she was awarded the 2022 CEHS Annual Staff Award and served as Co-President of the CEHS Staff Council. She holds a M.S. in Education with an emphasis in Higher Education. Mrs. Reza-Martinez is looking forward to establishing and nurturing meaningful relationships across the various graduate programs in order to engage in collaborative efforts that leverage diverse expertise and perspective to achieve common objectives.

More details at: https://graduate.unl.edu/