Apply for Mortar Board Initiate Class and Notables

Mortar Board members at our 2020 initiation
Mortar Board members at our 2020 initiation

Mortar Board is the University of Nebraska’s only national senior honor society. It is an association of collegians selected for distinguished ability in scholarship, leadership, and service. Mortar Board was founded on February 15th, 1918, at Syracuse University and has since grown to include over 200 chartered chapters and 200,000 alumni. Our chapter, the Order of the Black Masque, was founded in 1905. While it is an honor to be selected for membership in Mortar Board, it is the continued commitment to serve that differentiates Mortar Board from the other honorary societies. During the past year, Mortar Board has accomplished numerous activities including honoring individuals who have made a difference in our lives through our “People Who Inspire” banquet, recognizing Nebraska’s most outstanding educators through our “Professor of the Month” award program, winning the 2020 RSO competition during homecoming week, volunteering weekly at Clinton Elementary, and co-sponsoring our annual Jack Frost Jog to support the Team Jack Foundation. As a member of Mortar Board, you will take part in a variety of activities like this with an outstanding group of individuals.

Juniors and Seniors are invited to apply for UNL's the Black Masque Chapter of Mortar Board by January 29, 2021.

Freshman, Sophomores, and Seniors are invited to apply to be Mortar Board Notables and for the Drvol Family Scholarship by January 29, 2021.

Applications for the 2021 initiate class, 2021 Mortar Board Notable, and Drvol Family Scholarship can be found here:

The application can also be found on our website, Questions can be directed to our selections chairs at

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