Educational Neuroscience Conference coming Oct. 15-16

Educational Neuroscience Conference 2015
Educational Neuroscience Conference 2015

Educational neuroscience connects teachers, administrators and researchers at the crossroads of the classroom and the brain. This emerging field relies on a two-way conversation to advance research and application for student success.

Join the discussion October 15-16 for the 2015 Educational Neuroscience Conference at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Wick Alumni Center, where we will:

- Illuminate how classroom activities shape the brain and impact academic and social outcomes
- Build connections among education professionals, practitioners and neuroscience researchers
- Share cutting-edge research findings and their impacts for educators and neuroscientists
- Demonstrate brain imaging as a support for personalized classroom instruction

The conference features five nationally renowned speakers who will present findings from their research and practice. Other highlights include a regional research symposium, panel discussion, poster session and networking reception.

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