Enroll in two-factor authentication app before Oct. 5 deadline

DUO mobile app
DUO mobile app

Time is running out to voluntarily protect your university accounts with Two-Factor Authentication by Duo, the best way to mitigate attacks on weak or stolen passwords. 

In an effort to increase the security of personal identity and data, as well as the university's data, all University of Nebraska-Lincoln students, faculty and staff will be required to use Two-Factor to access web-based university services, such as Canvas, Box, MyRed and email. 

The deadline to enroll in Two-Factor is Monday, Oct. 5. Those who have not yet enrolled by Oct. 5 will automatically be enrolled between Oct. 5-9, depending on the first letter of their last name. The enrollment schedule will be as follows: 
Oct. 5 last names starting with A-E

Oct. 6 F-K

Oct. 7 L-Q

Oct. 8 R-U

Oct. 9 V-Z

After your enrollment date, the next time you attempt to log into a university service you will be prompted to enroll a Two-Factor device. Only once that is completed will you be able to log in to the service.

Enrollment is available now online (trueyou.nebraska.edu).

For the best experience using Two-Factor Authentication, Information Technology Services has several recommendations:  
*Remember to always have your device on you, including in classrooms.
*While you have several options for how to confirm your identity, push notifications are the most secure, simplest and preferred Two-Factor solution. Push does use a very small amount of data. (500 pushes to your device will use 1 MB of data in total. This is roughly equivalent to loading one webpage on your smartphone). 
*If you don't like the idea of using data on your smartphone, or you don't have a smartphone, you can use the Duo app to generate a passcode – even when you're in airplane mode. 
*To decrease the number of times you have to utilize Two-Factor, on the login screen click "Remember Me for 24 hours." This will only work if you regularly use the same device and browser. 

For more information about Two-Factor, including FAQ’s, video tutorials and instructions on how to register, visit its.nebraska.edu/two-factor.

Need help? Contact the Huskertech Help Center at 402-472-3970 or support@nebraska.edu.  

More details at: http://its.nebraska.edu/two-factor