Health center committee plans Nov. 13-14 presentations

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The committee responsible for evaluating Bryan Health’s proposal for developing a new health center is at the point in its process that it can share some preliminary information from the proposal with the campus community. Presentations are scheduled Nov. 13-14.

The evaluation process entails assessing the responsiveness of the submitted proposal, determining whether the bidder should be invited to campus for oral presentations to constituents, and recommending whether to proceed to contract discussions with the bidder, which may or may not result in an agreement. Any agreement would require approval of UNL’s senior administration and the Board of Regents.

The request for proposal included a timeline that proposed oral presentations by bidders Oct. 18-25. The committee’s diligence has required changing the dates of the oral presentations to Nov. 13-14. Times and locations of the oral presentations will be announced when set. Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions will be held to maximize the opportunity for students, University Health Center employees, faculty and staff to attend.

Summarized below are the highlights from the Bryan Health proposal. If a negotiated agreement is undertaken, these elements can be changed in the course of that process.

Bryan/University Health Center (B/UHC) Proposal Highlights:

• Student fees will be frozen until May 2015; increases limited to the rate of medical inflation thereafter

• All existing services will continue, with potential for additional services

• Present hours of operation will be maintained for at least the first year (through May 2014), and may expand thereafter

• Construction of a state-of-the-art building to facilitate providing top quality care

• Bryan Health will extend UNL’s commitment of 90 days of employment at B/UHC to a minimum of 12 months (through May 2014), at current compensation levels, for current employees who meet Bryan Health’s employment requirements (pre-employment drug screening, state licensure if applicable, etc.)

• B/UHC will recognize employees’ current years of service under UNL employment