Fall Champions crowned in Intramural Sports

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UNL Campus Recreation is pleased to announce the list of championship winners for the Fall 2011 Intramural Sports season. Thousands of female and male student-players participated in 30 team and individual/dual activities from August to December, comprising 69 leagues and 113 divisions.

Photos of the winners can be viewed at: http://go.unl.edu/im_fall2011_champs_pics

Activities are organized into women, men, co-rec, and/or open leagues. Text in ( ) denotes the division in which the championship was won.

4–on–4 Sand Volleyball
• Women: Little Hoots (AB), Little Monsters (C)
• Men: Reak (A), Sig Ep (B), Esther's Crew Red (C)
• Co-Rec: Bump and Dump (A), Big Hitters (B1), Kinky Sets (B2), Setsual Healing (C1), Raymond (C2)

Pre-Season Flag Football Tournament
• Women: none
• Men: nebflagfootball.com

Pre-Season Softball Tournament
• Women: none
• Men: Sigma Nu

Flag Football
• Women: Esther's Crew
• Men: nebflagfootball.com (All-U + Ind A), Sig Ep Seniors (Fraternity A), Farmhouse Sophs (Fraternity B), Alpha Gamma Sigma (Fraternity C), Jameson and Cigarettes (Ind B1), Joe Flacco's (Ind B2), Knuckles-Deep (Ind C1), Ocho II (Ind C2), Esther's Crew Red (Res Hall B), Dirty Doug and the Boys (Res Hall C)
• Co-Rec: Str8 Ca$h Homie (A), Lukey Luke and the Funky Bunch (B1), Thunderstruck (B2), Swim Club ©

Slow Pitch Softball
• Women: RSO-Newman
• Men: Mangle Street Manglers (All-U + Ind A), Sigma Nu-A (Fraternity A), Kappa Sigma-B (Fraternity B), DU Ducks (Fraternity C), Desert Exile (Ind B), Mike Anderson's Recruits (Ind C), Courtyards Crew (Res Hall)

3–on–3 Basketball
• Women: Soft-Balls
• Men: Midget Ballers
• Co-Rec: Hoops, I Did It Again

• Open: Blondies

• Women: none
• Men: Team Firdous Redhuan

2–on–2 Basketball
• Women: none
• Men: Jordan Moss, Zach Madsen

Bench Press
• Women: Krista Kopf (132), Beth Neilsen (148)
• Men: Tai Phan (123), Alec Gaggini (148), Ryan Overhue (165), Daniel Schutz (181), Anthony Presnell (198), Sheridan Nusz (220), Matt Haron (242), Brent Quandt (SH)
• Co-Rec: Beth Neilsen, Eric Clymer

Obstacle Course
• Women: Beth Neilsen
• Men: Eric Clymer
• Co-Rec: Beth Neilsen, Eric Clymer

• Women: Beth Neilsen
• Men: Michael Kappen
• Co-Rec: Beth Neilsen, Eric Clymer

Climbing Wall
• Women: Beth Neilsen (Recreational)
• Men: Adam Voshall (Advanced), Jonathon Feder (Intermediate), Guerra Lemarie Guerra (Beginner), Alex Pudenz (Recreational)
• Co-Rec: None

Punt, Pass, & Kick
• Women: Jesica Bayer
• Men: Brent Quandt
• Co-Rec: Jessica Bayer, Nathan Kuta

Weekly Football Pick-em
• Open: Nicholas Graef, Blake Berke, Matthew Gonzales, Lauren Eckert, Tim Alvarez, Trung Nguyen, Kyle Nodgaard, Ethan Brennan, Trey Pick, Scott Truckenbrod, Justin Haught, Nolan Johnson, Sammi Moiser, LaRita Lang, Matthew Bukowski, Matt Hunnell, Alex Brodersen, Daniel Sahn, Adam Miller

Tennis Singles
• Women: Katherine Black
• Men: Aaron Jank

Tennis Doubles
• Women: Sarah Buescher, Ally Pryor
• Men: Justin McQuistan, Ayhan Oray
• Stephanie Lee, Ayhan Oray

2-person Golf Scramble
• Women: none
• Men: Trevor Gnuse, Ky Molholm
• Co-Rec: Andrew Jackson, Kelci, Kilthau

Cross Country
• Women: Caitlyn Parmelee
• Men: Skylar Glandon
• Co-Rec: Beth Neilsen, Eric Clymer

Placekicking Contest
• Women: Jessica Bayer
• Men: Jeremy Mills
• Co-Rec: Nathan Burkman, Holly Scanlon

Rifle Shoot
• Women: Jesica Bayer
• Men: Daniel Fisk
• Co-Rec: Caitlyn Parmelee, Nathan Clayburn

Texas Hold’em Tournament
• Women: none
• Men: Kale Wright

9-Ball Pool
• Women: Stephanie Schumann
• Men: Christian Padilla

• Open: Tiffany Teichmeier, Brittany Russell

Note: The fall leagues for broomball, indoor soccer, volleyball, battleship, and bowling have not concluded play at the time of this news release. The champions' names will be published during the spring 2012 semester.

About Intramural Sports at UNL

From traditional (flag football, volleyball) to non-traditional (pitch, battleship) events, Intramural Sports provides organized sport activities in which students can socialize and compete with fellow Husker students.

Intramural Sports is a program of UNL Campus Recreation, who's mission is to enhance the educational experience and promote lifelong wellness through excellent recreation programs, services and facilities. Intramural Sports directly contributes to the physical, social, and emotional wellness of UNL students.