IT Procurement updates

Another new year has arrived at the University of Nebraska.

Beginning January 1, 2020, on any new computer or tablet purchased for departmental use and capable of running Microsoft Office, the Microsoft fees will increase to $162 for a Windows computer or tablet and $56 for an Apple device. This charge will be used to cover the cost of the Microsoft Campus Agreement for UNL. Fees will be processed on a monthly basis on the cost object used for the computer purchase and will appear as an internal charge on general ledgers.

This past Fall, the University completed RFP 3114-19-4321 for University Computer Standards. This bid included small, medium, ultraportable, full standard and enhanced desktops, standard and enhanced laptops in various screen sizes, various docking stations and various sizes and types of monitors. Awards for each category were given to Dell, Connections (for HP products) and CDW-G (for Lenovo products). The goal of the bid was to create a clear set of desktop, laptop and peripheral standards that would create a cost savings to the each of the campuses using them. The awarded systems can be found on the eSHOP punch-out tiles for each of the suppliers. Feel free to contact any member of the IT Procurement team with questions.

The eSHOP NeWare store continues to work on various software titles for faculty and staff. Please visit the IT Procurement website: for the software catalog of available titles. Additionally, the site can be used to request a quote for software not found in the software catalog. There is a quote form available online to fill out. If there are any software questions, comments or requests, you are always welcome to email or call (402)472-4294.

As for the current software process, please engage with IT at the start of your project to ensure a smooth process. We can help in facilitating the review of the terms and conditions, acquiring the signatures of both parties and managing the software compliance review, if necessary. Please remember that no department has signature authority to sign for software or agree to vendor terms for software; this must be brought to IT Procurement to follow the proper method to be reviewed ( New software is software that has not been used by the University system in the past or currently and must be reviewed through the University compliance process. This review is to ensure the software meets guidelines for enterprise architecture, security, accessibility, identity management and PCI. If there are any questions, please contact us at and we will answer questions and help you with your purchase.

Remember the IT Procurement team is always available to help you navigate your technology purchasing, that includes eSHOP purchases, non-catalog purchases, eBid situations, sourcing product(s) and contract reviews.

Claudette Biskup
Sourcing Specialist- Hardware

Sue Cuddeback
Software Distribution and Asset Manager

Scott Stremick
Senior IT Sourcing Manager