Meet our team: Mary Mitilier

Mary Mitilier
Mary Mitilier

Mary Mitilier began her journey at the University in April of 2015 at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, processing contracts and working on accounts payable processes. Beginning in September 2019, Mary began working for Procurement Services at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as the Manager of Procurement Systems and Data Analysis.

Mary’s duties include integrating different software systems to do the business of purchasing all goods and services on behalf of the University. These systems include bidding and procurement. A typical day of Mary begins with checking in with the customer service team to see if any issues have arisen. Following this, Mary works on project management, including project implementations and the systems and processes by which they are being implemented.

When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Mary said it has to be the team that she works with. A good team makes all the difference.

Outside of work, Mary loves to work out and spend time outside. She loves learning as well, no matter what the subject matter is.

Procurement Services is happy to welcome Mary to our team, and grateful for the experience she brings.