Contracts tips and tricks

Happy New Year! In keeping with ‘trying new things’ in the New Year, Procurement Contracts will be trying something new too.

On Mondays, Procurement Contracts will post a status report of contract reviews that are in progress.

The report will provide the following:

STATUS: where in the process the contract currently resides

Examples of what you will see in the Status column:
§ DocuSign: the contract is being routed for signature
§ Legal: UNCA’s General Counsel for review
§ Stakeholder: Department decision maker or business office associate for additional approvals or information

WORKFLOW NAME: name of the supplier, RFP number or entity we are entering into a contract with

STAKEHOLDERS: department and name of the requestor of the contract review

Arts & Sciences – Jane Doe

The report will be alphabetized and consistent – in other words, we will consistently say, “Legal”, and not “lawyer” or “attorney”. Keep in mind, this report only reflects the status of contract reviews that are in process, not workflows that have been completed or withdrawn.

To find this report, you must have access to our University Templates Box folder (which you may have used before to pick up a University contract template). Inside the University Templates folder is a sub-folder called Weekly Contract Status Updates. Each report will have the month and the day it was loaded to Box as the title.

Some contract reviews take longer than others, and we always encourage you to use the University’s templates when possible. This helps expedite the review and contract negotiation process considerably.

Let us know if you need access to the Box folder and Happy New Year from Procurement Contracts!