Speak like a buyer

Man writing in notebook
Man writing in notebook

Common procurement terminology can sometimes be confusing. Visit our newsletter each issue to learn a few common procurement words and phrases to help you speak like a buyer, or at least understand one.

Definition: supporting documents added to bids, contracts, requisitions and purchase order submittals to provide information throughout the approval process

Example: when creating an order in eSHOP/SAP an attachment containing a quote from the supplier or a contract should be provided

Definition: a written section of a contract, bid, or proposal document that is added to the main or original text

Example: in the case of an RFP, an addendum is the University’s response to supplier questions prior to the bid closing. The addendum becomes part of the RFP

Definition: a written change, addition, alteration, correction or revision to a bid, proposal or contract document

Example: in the case of a contract, could include change in scope, term extension, change in pricing

To learn more words, visit our website: https://procurement.unl.edu/glossary