Week 15 SGIS Newsletter

Week 15: Take Care of Yourself
Week 15: Take Care of Yourself

Week 15: Take Care of Yourself

The end of the semester can be a stressful time. Remember to stay hydrated and fed, take breaks, and keep a consistent sleep schedule. Summer will be here before you know it!

SGIS End of Semester Celebration!
SGIS End of Semester Celebration!

SGIS End of Semester Celebration!

Join us to celebrate our graduates and the end of another semester! And don't worry... there will be snacks and refreshments!

Friday, April 29th form 2:00-4:00pm
Bailey Library (2nd floor of Andrews Hall)


UNL for Ukraine Fundraiser

UNL for Ukraine FundraiserCome for fellowship, pizza, and to learn about Ukraine and refugees in Lincoln! Proceeds to benefit the Rotary Disaster Response Fund.

Wednesday, April 27th
Yia Yia's Pizza, 1423 O Street

More details at: https://go.unl.edu/ukraine

ANTH 416: Digital Anthropologies

ANTH 416: Digital AnthropologiesRegister for ANTH 416 for a survey of digital methods and emergent technologies in Anthropology!

TR 9:30-10:45am in Bessey 129
Dr. Carrie Heitman


GEOG 181: Global Environmental Issues (ACE 6/9)

GEOG 181: Global Environmental IssuesExplore urgent global environmental issues and their relationships with physical, social, biological, and economic process. Investigation between human activity, wellbeing, and environmental change. Topics include landscape transformation, climate change, environmental health and disease, and water. Continue reading…


GEOG 217: Principles of GIS

GEOG 217: Principles of GISIntro to theories and methods of Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and Geographic Information Systems (GISystems). Focuses on spatial thinking, analysis skills, and the fundamental knowledge needed to use GIS effectively, accurately, and ethically.

MWF 12:30-1:20pm + F 2:30-4:15pm lab Continue reading…

Registrations open for AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series!
Registrations open for AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series!

Registrations open for AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series!

The AAG 2022 Virtual Summer Series strives to guide current and recent Geography students through their academic and professional journeys. There are several event types happening this summer (workshops, seminars, working groups, and forums). Check out the link below to learn more and register!

More details at: https://www.aag.org/events/2022-summer-series-for-students-and-recent-graduates/

CZEC/HIST 361: Czech History and Culture

CZEC/HIST 361: Czech History and CultureThis course covers Central European and Czech history and culture from 1848 till the present: Habsburgh Empire and national awakening, WWI and WWII, formation of CZ, Cold War and transition to democracy. Discussions, speakers, and fun events!

TR 2:00-3:15pm with Dr. Hana Waisserova


ARAB 391: Introduction to the Arab World

ARAB 391: Introduction to the Arab WorldA general intro to the politics, the diversity of religions, and the cultures in the Arab world. You'll also learn about the humanitarian challenges that face millions of people in the region.

TR 2:00-3:15 with Hassan Almokhreq


SPAN 220: Spanish for Health and Medicine (6 credits)

SPAN 220: Spanish for Health and Medicine (6 credits)In this course, you will gain confidence, fluency, and a more comprehensive understanding of cultures and how they play into medical decisions and influence communication inside and outside of the medical field. The daily immersion will provide you with the unique opportunity for extensive practice! Continue reading…


Learn Arabic this Summer!

Learn Arabic this Summer!The Arabic Studies Program at UNL is offering intensive all online Arabic summer 2022. Join us this summer to learn a new language in 10 weeks and earn 10 credit hours!

ARAB 101 - first 5-week session
ARAB 102 - second 5-week session

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