Academic Advising Updates: Well-Being

Sydney Webb
Sydney Webb


Each newsletter I will be sharing tips, campus resources, and skills that can help you personally, academically, and professionally. This newsletter’s highlight is Well-being!

Did you know that there is a link to more information about resources to support your well-being directly on Canvas? At the bottom of the navigation bar on the left side of the page, just click on the red and white circle that says “Well-being” to learn more!


Finals week starts in two weeks! Plan for your final exams by viewing the schedule here:

I will not be available for Zoom drop-ins on Monday, May 2nd.


*March 7-May 15: Open Registration for Summer Sessions 2022
*April 13-August 21: Open Registration for Fall Semester 2022
*May 1-7: Last week of classes
*May 7: Last day of classes
*May 9-May 13: Spring Semester Final Exams
*May 14: Spring Semester Undergraduate Commencement

The Academic Calendar has all the dates you should know about for the whole academic year! You can find it here:

More details at: