April Employee Update: Welcome, Farewell, and Congratulations

Please join us in welcoming new colleagues to SNR, saying farewell to those who are leaving, and acknowledging those who have made changes during the month of April.

Welcome to SNR

Amy Johnson-Campagna has joined SNR as the Nebraska Master Naturalist communications associate. She works both on campus and off campus.
Contact info:
Office: 508 Hardin Hall, EC 0995
Phone: 402-472-8689
Email: ajohnson-campagna2@unl.edu
Supervisor: Annabel Major

Nancy Nguyen has joined SNR as a part-time research technician.
Contact info:
Office: 608 Hardin Hall, EC 0996
Phone and email pending
Supervisor: Paul Hanson

Rebecca Osborn Reagan has joined SNR as the Nebraska Master Naturalist program assistant. She works both on campus and off campus.
Contact info:
Office: 508 Hardin Hall, EC 0995
Phone: 402-472-8689
Email: rosbornreagan2@unl.edu
Supervisor: Annabel Major

Wei Huang has joined SNR as a visiting scholar from the Research School of Arid Environment and Climate Change, Lanzhou University.
Contact info:
Office: 621 Hardin Hall, EC 0996
Email: huangw10@lzu.edu.cn
Supervisors: Song Feng and Bob Oglesby

Rex Schanck has joined SNR as a research technician at an off-campus location.
Supervisor: Scott Hygnstrom

Coop Unit creel clerks working at sites around the state:
Don Bohnenkamp
Ron Grandi
Dennis Liess
Cathryn Niehoff
Minnie Petsch
Bruce Porter
Brett Roberg
Jerry Ryschon
Janice Spicha
Phil Stollberg

Farewell and Thank You

Joe Skopp will be retiring June 30. He has served the university for more than 30 years as a soil physicist. He spent his years educating students on water science, soil physics, and soils, water, and environmental quality. Much of his research examined the transport and reaction of solutes in soils, combining theoretical components with laboratory and field measurements. He has been granted emeritus status and will also teach the Soil Physics class in Fall 2012.

Shashi Verma will be retiring August 31. He has served the university for 40 years as a micrometeorologist/atmosphere-biosphere interactions research specialist. His focus has been atmospheric trace gas dynamics, carbon sequestration, and micrometeorology. He was Charles Bessey Professor of Natural Resources and the director of the Great Plains Regional Center for Global and Environmental Change. He has been granted emeritus status.

Chao Wang’s visiting scholar appointment ended March 26. He has returned to China.


Carol Cartwright has accepted the position of business operations manager in the Finance and Personnel Office. She will continue to manage the NRBC until a successor is hired.

Brittany Potter has moved into a Research Technologist position. She is working at an off campus field site.
Contact info:
Email: bpotter10@unl.edu
Supervisor: John Lenters

Brian Wardlow has accepted and begun his new faculty position of remote sensing scientist. He will be moving to Hardin Hall 316 in the near future. Other contact information will remain the same.

Congratulations to the following faculty members on their promotion and tenure, which will take effect July 1:

Tala Awada – promoted to professor
Cody Knutson – promoted to research associate professor
John Lenters – tenured
Joe Szilagyi – promoted to research professor
Steve Thomas – promoted to associate professor with Tenure
Brian Wardlow – promoted to associate professor