Kamble to Defend Dissertation Tuesday on Hydrologic Information System

Baburao "Babu" Kamble
Baburao "Babu" Kamble

Baburao "Babu" Kamble will defend his dissertation Tuesday, April 10, at 3:30 p.m. in Nebraska Hall, N105 SEC, on City Campus. His adviser is Ayse Irmak, and his topic is "Hydrological Information System: An Integrated System for Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, and Distribution of Climate and Hydrology Data."


This principal thrust of this research was to develop an integrated Hydrologic Information System (HIS) with advanced data acquisition, modeling, and processing techniques to simulate hydrological processes, in particularly evapotranspiration (ET), at varying spatial scales using easily and freely available remotely sensing data. A second important component was to develop a web-portal to disseminate hydrological data online for the purpose of improved water management decisions in Nebraska. The five main chapters of this dissertation represent the foundation on which the specific findings within this research are grounded.

A suite of procedures, tools and products related to water consumption in Nebraska, the High Plains, and the nation are investigated and developed, including methods for efficient delivery to end-users and facilitation of effective spatial data handling. The methods and accomplishments described are considered to be a ‘first cut’ in establishing a responsive information production and delivery system to support near-real time resources management, in particular the management of water resources over the High Plains. The products, procedures and architectures are described or developed during this dissertation.