Steward to speak Wednesday on “Modeling and Forecasting a Groundwater Dominated Ecosystem”

David Steward
David Steward

David Steward of Kansas State University will talk about "Modeling and Forecasting a Groundwater Dominated Ecosystem" on Wednesday, April 11, at 3:30 p.m. in the Hardin Hall auditorium. His talk is part of the Spring 2012 Water Seminar Series.


Hydrologic studies may be facilitated through application of modeling tools that help shape our understanding of important processes and properties. This presentation puts forth a set of conceptual and computer models that capture essential processes and properties for problems important to groundwater and its interaction with ecosystems. A set of four problems important to the central plains region will be discussed. The first problem addresses groundwater interactions with surficial hydrologic processes in terrestrial and riparian ecosystems. The second address groundwater uptake by phreatophytes along stream corridors. The third looks at the impact of a sloping aquifer base on groundwater flow patterns. Lastly, the integration of groundwater models with models of society is discussed. Throughout this presentation, recent findings of a team of researchers at Kansas State University will be highlighted.

The Water Seminar series is organized and sponsored by the Nebraska Water Center, part of the Daugherty Water for Food Institute (, with support from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the School of Natural Resources.

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