'Caring for Clinton' brings in clothes, toiletries and donations.

Dee Ebbeka, Linda Kern and Andy Little
Dee Ebbeka, Linda Kern and Andy Little

The 'Caring for Clinton' drive delivered its bounty to Clinton Elementary School on Tuesday morning, December 13, 2022. Six large bags of clothing, four bags of toiletries and $1025.

Linda Kern, Family Care Coordinator at Clinton, expressed many thanks.

"Dear UNL/SNR Friends of Clinton,
Thank you so much for your gracious donations to our families and students.

You all are part of what it means to be a part of a true community; we watch out for each other and step up when needed. When acts of compassion - like yours - are visible to our community, we raise the consciousness of all - you all give and ask for nothing in return except knowing you have been part of making a parent, a child, a family feel valued and recognized. Which is all any of us ask.

We appreciate you all - please have a wonderful holiday and we wish you much happiness in the new year."

More details at: http://snr.unl.edu/aboutus/what/caringforclinton.aspx