The Grammar Guru: Academic titles

This week, the Grammar Guru tackles academic titles.
This week, the Grammar Guru tackles academic titles.

Mekita Rivas, SNR communications and project associate, publishes a biweekly feature called "Grammar Guru."

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Grammar Guru Tip #3

In an academic setting, titles are everywhere. Whether you’re referring to the chancellor, a dean or a professor, here’s what you need to know to do so correctly.

Capitalize and spell out formal titles when they appear in front of a person’s name. Lowercase these titles when they appear elsewhere.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman will deliver his State of the University address tomorrow.

Harvey Perlman, chancellor of UNL, said that he will address the university’s enrollment goals.

School of Natural Resources Director John Carroll will present a seminar on Africa.

John Carroll, School of Natural Resources director, will begin the presentation at 7 p.m.

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