Dell laptop now available for checkout

A Dell XPS 13 is now available for checkout.
A Dell XPS 13 is now available for checkout.

A new Dell XPS 13 laptop is available for checkout.

To reserve the laptop in Outlook, follow the instructions for reserving a room or resource as follows:

1. On the "Home" tab, choose "New Meeting." Select "New Meeting" from the list if it appears.

2. In the reservation window, enter the following information using the given format (graphic below shares same information with red boxes being required information):

a. "To" line: attendees of the meeting b. "Subject" line: Event Title (posted time if different than scheduled start and end times) (Contact with phone number) mm/dd/yy *first date of recurring event

b. "Rooms" button: select the rooms and/or resources needed

c. "Start Time"

d. "End Time"

For a few days, users may have to change the "Offline Global Address List" to "Global Address List."

These instructions are also available on SharePoint > Software Users Group > Outlook-Office 365 > Reserving Room-Resource instructions – Full Version

If you have any questions about the laptop, please contact Jim Hines at or at 472-6708.