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The International Conference of Undergraduate Research showcases the best in undergraduate research from around the world each year. It provides an affordable opportunity for undergraduate students to share research from their chosen field of study and gain constructive feedback through a variety of peer lenses without having to leave their home campus.

"Throughout designing my presentation slides, I improved my ability to communicate scientific research effectively." – Ally Barry, 2021 participant

This year's academic conference will be June 26-27th. Hosted by the University of Warwick, undergraduate students from UNL will present their research through video-linked sessions from city campus. Other participating institutions will coordinate their campuses in the same manner. Final presentations are to be no more than 10 minutes in length.

Coordinators at ICUR provide support for all participants as they prepare. There is also a chance for students to publish their research in Reinvention, a journal for undergraduate student research.

"I was pleased to share my hard work success with an international audience. It was a fantastic experience." – Aime Christian Tuyishime, 2021 participant

Timeline for the challenge:

  • December-February: Online training and community networking opportunities
  • March 1: Abstract submissions close
  • March: Abstract review process
  • April: Abstract revise and re-submit process
  • April-June: Presenter training and preparation
  • June 26-27: Present at ICUR

"I learned a lot from participating in ICUR. It not only refined my skills for presenting research, but it also gave me the opportunity to learn about research going on around the world." – Maddie Holland, 2021 participant

Instructors should direct interested students to the online interest form to join the ICUR 2024 Student Community virtual space.

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