MyPLAN goes live to students today

UNL's new student-advising system goes online today.

Called MyPLAN — My Personal Learning and Advising Network — the tool is a digital system available through a tab in Blackboard. It is designed to help document advising sessions electronically and to track and monitor student successes toward graduation.

Professional campus advisers have been using MyPLAN since December. Faculty advisers started using the system in January. Students gain access to MyPLAN today.

“The primary goal of MyPLAN is to improve student advising,” said Amy Goodburn, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs. “The secondary value is that it allows faculty, instructors and advisers to connect with students.”

In MyPLAN, students are able to: View their personal My Success Network (current instructors, advisers, etc.); explore the broader UNL Success Network (a catalog of academic and advising services); and create preferences for appointment reminders (via email, text or Facebook messaging).

Professional and faculty advisers across campus continue to use the electronic notes feature in the MyPLAN system to record all advising notes, creating a transparent advising network. Some faculty participated in the pilot early warning and mid-term grade reporting, freeing up the time and effort of previous paper-based systems. In addition, the implementation team continues to visit with other service groups on campus, adding staff and services to the UNL Success Network.

Faculty and advisers are encouraged to create a MyPLAN profile. The profiles can be customized to show a variety of data, including a personal photo, biography, contact numbers, email and office hours.

Users control the amount of information available on MyPLAN.

Training for MyPLAN was offered to professional campus advisers in the fall. The last training session for faculty advisers is 2 to 3:30 p.m., March 8 in Selleck Hall, room 46. Advanced registration is required.

Goodburn said academic advisers who have not completed training would be reminded about the last training session via email.

To register for the training session, go to For more information, send email to

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