Dependent audit to enter verification phase


A university-wide audit of dependents enrolled in the NU medical insurance program is entering the verification phase, during which participants must provide documentation to continue coverage. The following update on the audit was issued March 10 by Human Resources.

To all UNL employees in the University of Nebraska Medical Insurance Plan:

You just received an e-mail from the University of Nebraska Benefits Administrator on the upcoming Medical Insurance Dependent Audit. This audit is being conducted by Chapman Kelly and is now entering the verification phase. If you have a dependent on the University Medical Insurance program, you will need to provide documentation to continue medical insurance coverage. It is very important that you understand the 19-26-year-old dependent child eligibility provisions of the university's medical insurance program that changed Jan. 1, 2011.

If your 19-26-year-old dependent child works for an employer on a full- or part-time basis who offers medical insurance, he or she is not eligible for medical insurance through the University of Nebraska.

During this verification phase, Chapman Kelly will require all employees with dependents 19-26 to complete an Affidavit of Adult Child to declare whether if employed, and if eligible for an employer-sponsored medical plan. The following circumstances may occur:

a) Chapman Kelly will be requesting that you get a signed affidavit from the dependent's employer certifying the dependent is not eligible for medical insurance. If you now find out your dependent has medical insurance available, the university will drop the dependent's medical insurance retroactively effective Feb. 28, 2011.

b) If you have a dependent child (19-26) who opted not to take the medical insurance coverage with the employer because it cost too much or the medical coverage had very limited coverage, he/she is not eligible to be covered by the university's medical insurance plan, because medical insurance is available to them from their employer, regardless of coverage or costs.

In either case, contact UNL's Benefits Office immediately at (402) 472-2600 to remove ineligible dependents from the university's medical care program.

The link below features a decision chart that may help employees decide if dependents can be covered under the NU medical insurance program.

For more information, contact the Benefits office at (402) 472-2600.

- Bruce Currin, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

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