Chancellor approves APC-reviewed budget reductions



In late April I proposed the second and final round of budget reductions in preparation for FY11. At that time, I proposed an additional $1.522 million reduction above the $3.55 million proposed in March for a total of about $5.08 million in total reductions. In June the Academic Planning Committee (APC) reviewed and considered administrative components of my proposal totaling $404,622. A hearing occurred on June 25, 2010.

APC concurred with the following budget reduction proposals totaling $354,622:

Office of the Chancellor
- University Communications [$60,039]
- Information Services [$50,000]

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
- Judicial Affairs [$31,550]
- Nebraska Unions [$21,037]
- Career Services [$17,413]

Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance [$174,583]

One item - discontinuation of the printed campus phone directory [$50,000] - was tabled by the committee for future consideration in fall when they will consider this and the remaining proposed academic reductions.

In keeping with our existing budget reallocation and reduction procedures, I accept these recommendations and will finalize accordingly.

I thank the members of the APC for their thoughtful evaluation and ongoing efforts.

- Harvey

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