UNL in the national news: July 2013

UNL in the national news
UNL in the national news

National media outlets featured and cited UNL sources on a number of topics in the past month. Appearances included:

Stephen Baenziger, agronomy, was interviewed July 1 by Kansas City NPR affiliate KCUR about the prospects for genetically engineered wheat.

Dawn Braithwaite, communication studies, discussed family rituals and family reunions during a July 30 appearance on NPR’s nationally syndicated program, “On Point.”

Joy Castro, English, was interviewed July 7 by Texas NPR station KTEP and July 4 by Cosmopolitan for Latinas about her novel “Hell or High Water” and its soon-to-be-released follow-up, “Nearer Home.”

Actor Matt Damon’s surprise tour of the UNL campus with his new-student nephew attracted coverage by E!, Yahoo! News, and the Associated Press, among others.

Wheeler Winston Dixon, film studies and English, was interviewed July 31 by New England NPR affiliate WICN about his new book, “Streaming: Movies, Media and Instant Access.” Dixon also was quoted July 4 by the BBC in an article about Google’s prominent role in “The Internship,” the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movie about two washed-up salesmen trying for a fresh start at the search engine’s headquarters.

Sarah Gervais, psychology, discussed gender differences in body image in a July 29 Pyschology Today online column.

Doug Golick, entomology, was interviewed by the Associated Press July 6 about his project to use radio tracking technology to study bumblebee queens.

Iker Gonzales-Allende, modern language, was mentioned July 11 by ABC in Spain and July 13 edition of the Spanish newspaper El Correo, for her participation in Garai Township ceremonies honoring artist brothers Valentin and Ramon Zubiaurre. Gonzales-Allende is an expert on their sister, Spanish feminist Pilar Zubiaurre.

Lance Meinke, entomology, and graduate student David Wangila were interviewed July 9 on NPR about whether genetically engineered corn is losing its resistance to rootworms.

Dennis Molfese, psychology, and director of UNL’s soon-to-open Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior (CB3) were featured in a July 4 AP article.

David Moshman, educational psychology, discussed student rights in a July 2 blog on the Huffington Post.

Brian O’Grady, libraries, discussed his research interviews with WWII veterans in a July 15 Associated Press article.

Prem Paul, UNL vice chancellor for research and economic development, was interviewed in the July 15 Ag Professional Magazine about the economic advantages of research parks like Nebraska Innovation Campus.

Christal Sheppard, law, was quoted in the July 30 POLITICO about Apple Inc.'s "lone wolf strategy." Sheppard spoke of her experience with the computer giant during her time as chief counsel for patents and trademarks for the House Judiciary Committee.

Mark Svoboda, natural resources, was quoted in The Oklahoman on July 18 about the origins of the National Drought Mitigation Center at UNL.

Joe Teplitsky, an English and journalism major, discussed his experiences as music director of UNL’s KRNU radio station in a July 11 USA Today College article. http://go.unl.edu/3hg

Mary Uhl-Bien, management, was interviewed July 2 on CNBC about restructuring Microsoft.

Frans von der Dunk, law, was quoted in a July 31 Financial Times article about the legal issues surrounding space tourism.

Sergio Wals, political science, was featured in the July 1 Pacific Standard for his research on the political leanings of Mexican immigrants.

This is a monthly column featuring UNL faculty, administrators and staff in the national news. National media often work with University Communications to identify and connect with UNL sources for the purpose of including the university's research, expertise and programming in published or broadcasted work. 

Faculty, administration, student and staff appearances in the national media are logged at http://newsroom.unl.edu/inthenews/


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-- Leslie Reed, University Communications