Speakers Bureau expands to 21 lecturers in 16th year


The UNL Speakers Bureau enters its 16th year with 21 speakers and several topics from which to choose.

Speakers Bureau is a free service that connects faculty and other UNL experts with Nebraska citizens through service organizations, schools and other groups who want knowledgeable, interesting speakers on a variety of topics.

The 2010-2011 Speakers Bureau features presenters available year-round and during the academic year. The Speakers Bureau Web site, http://www.speakersbureau.unl.edu, provides additional information about each speaker’s presentations and a form to book a speaker.

For more information, contact Barbara Bowers at speakers2@unl.edu or 472-0088.

2010-11 Speakers Bureau | Members and lecture topics

Sylvana Airan, assistant director of Housing, Business Contracts and Student Services
- My Life Growing Up in Pakistan

Patrice Berger, professor of history and director of University Honors Program
- Europe: 2010
- Europe: 1939
- University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the 21st Century

Christian Binek, associate professor, physics and astronomy
- Physics Between High School and High Tech
- Magnetic Thin Films: From Basic Research to Spintronics
- Magnetic Refrigeration

Don Costello, lecturer, computer science and engineering
- Information Technology — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Computer Games
- The Birth, Death and Resurrection of Computers in Banking

Ken Dewey, professor of applied climate sciences
- VORTEX2: The Largest Ever Storm Chase and Tornado Research Effort
- North to Alaska and Across the Canadian Arctic: A Photographic Journey
- Exploring the Climate and Volcanoes of Hawaii-The Big Island

Bob Diffendal, professor emeritus, conservation and survey
- More Non-Specialist’s View of Native American Mound Builders Structures in the American Mid-Continent
- Some Changes in China: 1979-2010
- Baja California del Sur: Watching Whales in the Ocean and Bays, Walking Along the Shores and the Inland Deserts

Stephen Ducharme, professor and vice chair, physics and astronomy, Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
Nanoscale Science and Technology
- Can a Photon Wave?

James Goeke, research hydrogeologist
- Nebraska’s Water Resources: Past, Present, and Future

Michael Hoff, professor, art history
- Pirates and Roman: Cities of the Cilician Coast of Ancient Turkey
- Athens Under Roman Domination
- Ancient Roman Religion and Nebraska Football

Roger Hoy, Nebraska Tractor Testing Lab
- The Nebraska Tractor Testing Lab: Past, Present and Future

Peter Levitov, International Affairs and immigration attorney, NU Central Administration
- International Students in the United States

Patrice C. McMahon, associate professor, Political Science
- For Good or For Ill: The Return of Nation Building
U.S. Power in the Networked Era
- Partners in Peace: Nongovernmental Organizations in Peace Building

Nancy Mitchell, director, General Education and professor of advertising
- What Nebraska Students Need to Know in the 21st Century
Stories Behind the Ads

Maureen Ose, communications coordinator, International Quilt Studies Center and Museum
- 3,000 Quilts and Counting: UNL’s International Quilt Study Center and Museum
- Reading the Quilt: Stories Told in Textiles from the Era of the Civil War

Wes Peterson, professor, agricultural economics
- The Idea of Poverty
- What’s Up With the Doha Development Round (DDR)?
- Why is Agricultural Policy so Hard to Change?

Paul Read, professor, horticulture and viticulture
- Grape Expectations: Nebraska’s Developing Grape and Wine Industry
- Gardens of the World

John W. Richmond, professor and director of the School of Music
- Does Music Make You Smarter? It Depends on What You Mean!
- Thinking About Common Dimensions of Aesthetic and Religious Experience
- Finding the Next Mozart! Music Composition Education in the 21st Century

Kelli K. Smith, assistant director, Career Services
- Developing a Top Internship Program
- How to Effectively Recruit College Students

Greg Snow, associate dean of research, Arts and Sciences
- Did a Giant Asteroid Kill the Dinosaurs?
- E=mc2: The Most Famous Scientific Formula

Sandra Stockall, professor emeritus, UNL Extension
- Wow, That Felt Great!
- Communication is a Contact Sport

Will Thomas, professor of history
- Railroads and the Making of Modern America
- Teaching with Technology: New Approaches to the Humanities Classroom
- Thinking about the Civil War and Slavery in America

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