Mentorship Roundtables today at Champions Club

The Center for Entrepreneurship hosts its third annual Mentorship Roundtables event, beginning 6 p.m. Oct. 25 at the Champions Club adjacent to Memorial Stadium. Last year, 210 students with more than 20 different majors attended this event.

Today’s students need real-world experiences and professional contacts to set themselves apart.

The venue will be set up with 40 round tables, each seating six people; one business professional will be seated at each table. Students can look over the biographies of the business professionals via the Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship website,

During four 20-minute timed rounds, students will interact with and learn about chosen mentors as well as their company. Students who are interested in a possible mentor/protege relationship will be able to leave a copy of their résumé.

The variety of mentors and mentor expertise at Mentorship Roundtables make this event relevant to all majors and grade levels.

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