February is Nebraska 4-H Month!

NE 4-H Month
NE 4-H Month

February is Nebraska 4-H Month! Make plans to celebrate 4-H Month this February!

Dates to celebrate:
- 4-H Spirit Day - Thursday, February 1, 2024
   - Wear green, the 4-H emblem, or your favorite 4-H T-shirt!
   - Share your 4-H Spirit on social media using #NE4HMonth, #iBelong, and #Opportunity4All
- 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Day - Thursday, February 8, 2024
   - Send handwritten thank-you notes, treats, or goody bags to your club and project leaders.
   - Shout out your club and project leaders on social media using #NE4HMonth
   - Nominate your favorite 4-H volunteer for a Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Recognition Award.
- 4-H Sponsor & Appreciation Day - Thursday, February 15, 2024
   - Ask your local Extension office for the contact information for a 4-H donor and sponsor. Send them a handwritten thank-you note.
- 4-H Give Back to Your Community/Service Day - Thursday, February 22, 2024
   - Coordinate your own community service project, such as picking up trash, holding a food drive, collecting items for a local shelter or making care packages. For more inspiration, check out these 4-H civic engagement ideas. After the project is complete, be sure to submit your community service project for a chance to see it showcased by Nebraska 4-H.
   - Contribute to other groups' community service projects.
   - Volunteer your time with a local non-profit organization.
- Leap Into 4-H Day - Tuesday, February 29, 2024
   - Enroll in 4-H for 2024!