Corn Yield Challenge for 4-H and FFA Members

Corn Yield Challenge for 4-H and FFA Members
Corn Yield Challenge for 4-H and FFA Members

Announcing the Corn Yield Challenge, a prestigious contest open to 4-H members (aged 8 and older as of January 1st) and FFA members (in-school members). This competition is designed to guide participants through a comprehensive exploration of all facets of corn production, including aspects related to agricultural careers associated with corn production.

Key Features:

  • Team Participation: Teams comprising two or more youth participants will collaboratively embark on the challenge.
  • Innovative Practices: Youth will be tasked with implementing a production practice differing from the norm, with the goal of assessing its impact on increasing corn yield.
  • Data Collection: The Corn Yield Challenge management summary will systematically gather crucial information, including yields, cropping history, and production details.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Outstanding achievements will be duly rewarded with cash prizes and plaques for the top three teams:
    • First Place: $1,000
    • Second Place: $500
    • Third Place: $250
  • Special Awards: In addition to the top rankings, commendable efforts will be acknowledged through the "Extra Mile" and "Ag Literacy" Awards, each carrying a value of $200.

This competition not only fosters a spirit of innovation in corn production but also serves as a platform for recognizing dedication and excellence within the 4-H and FFA communities. We encourage all eligible participants to embrace this opportunity to showcase their skills and contribute to the advancement of agricultural practices.

If you are interested, please contact Madelaine Polk by Friday, March 1 at For more contest details, go to